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2022 Update Funding of the Podcast Awards
2017 was the first year in many years that the Awards have been self-sustaining

The fee of $50 assured that participants would actually want to participate versus being randomly nominated by a fan and that the podcast awards are self-sustaining. Sadly, in years past shows have been nominated/won who actually had no desire to participate in the first place, who never even said thank you to the listeners that nominated and voted for them. There is a box full of unclaimed trophies to prove that.

The registration fee assures two things the ongoing support of the site and further development and assures that there will be trophies each year for the winners who actually want to participate. There have been years when it was not possible to buy trophies. The Podcast Awards is in no way a money maker, every penny that is raised is being put back into the site development and support. Everyone volunteers their time, and no one is paid to manage the awards.

On average it cost nearly $800 dollars per category per year to run the awards, which includes Server Cost, Trophy Cost, One Technologies Development, and Accounting fees.

Podcast Awards Committee

2022 Goals
We have a significant amount of work yet to be done on the site. Our budget for this year will be $4000. This should be enough to finish the ongoing enhancement of the site.