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2017 Funding of the Podcast Awards
For the past 13 years, the Podcast Awards have largely been funded and underwritten by the Founder Todd Cochrane and his wife's personal company "Podcast Connect Inc" and the Sponsors of the Awards. Most years there has been a financial shortfall, of which Todd and his Wife have made up the difference.

After the failed acquisition of the Podcast Awards by the New Media Expo, the decision was made in 2016 to start charging a nominal registration fee. This fee of $10 assured that participants would actually want to participate versus being randomly nominated by a fan, and that the awards could become self-sustaining. Sadly, in years past shows have been nominated/won who actually had no desire to participate in the first place, who never even said thank you to the listeners that nominated and voted for them leaving a stain on those shows. There is a box full of unclaimed trophies to prove that.

The registration fee assures two things the ongoing support of the site and further development of the site post-GoFundMe, and assures that there will be trophies each year for the winners who actually want to participate. There have been years when it was not possible to buy trophies. The Podcast Awards is in no way a money maker, every penny that is raised is being put back into the site development and support. Everyone volunteers their time, and no one is paid to manage the awards.

Major podcasting companies have been reluctant to sponsor the Podcast Awards in the past because of their false assumption that the awards was somehow tied to Todd's other company Blubrry.com which is incorrect. No financial or people resources of RawVoice/Blubrry are used in the execution of the awards and Todd's company and these Awards pre-dates the formation of RawVoice/Blubrry.

So it boils down to one thing, charge a small registration fee to shows that would like to participate or close the Podcast Awards. On average it cost nearly $400 dollars per category per year to run the awards, that includes Server Cost, Trophy Cost, One Technologies Development and Accounting fees.

Podcast Awards Committee

2016 GoFundMe Campaign
The 2016 GoFundMe campaign and 2016 Podcast registration fees have funded round one of the Podcast Awards site rebuild, which has allowed us to complete nearly 65% of the total site build. We have one more year of enhancements planned/

Stargate Pioneer - $100
Brian Ibbott - $100
Kari Simms - $100
Dave Jackson - $100
Fred Castaneda -$10
Darrell Darnell - $108
Mignon Fogarty - $100
Jason Bryant - $100
Deborah Williams - $100
Fausto Fernós - $25
Emily Prokop - $10
Daniel Quick -$100
Aaron Peterson - $100
Segovia Smith - $150
Tim Henson - $50
Carl Dodge - $100
Kirsten Desai - $15
Adam Smith - $20
Sheila Jackson - $5
Dr. Marissa Pei - $50
Marcus Wilson - $50
Andy Holloway - $100
Alex Mitchell - $5
Scott Philbrook - $100
Isabel Maxwell - $10
Karl Kornel - $20
Joshua Merritt - $50
Timothy Tay - $22