16th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards

The 16th annual Podcast Awards is upon us please review the rules and timeline for 2021

The Podcast Awards are open to all shows regardless of country of origin or language. We encourage shows from around the world to participate in the podcast awards stand and be recognized.

Official Podcast Awards Timeline

Spirit of the Podcast Awards

It's the spirit of the Podcast Awards for individual shows to work with their audiences independently to ask for nominations for a Podcast Award. That said, shows often collaborate -- aka team up with other shows -- to get each of their audiences to nominate a specific slate of shows and maximize the number of listener nominations. Networks are allowed to work together with the following caveat that applies to all.

The podcast awards committee reserves the right to disqualify any show or network of shows the committee feels violates the spirit of the Podcast Awards or bring discredit to the awards. The Podcast Awards committee decision on disqualification will not come lighty but will be final, a disqualified show can appeal disqualification in writing within 48 hours to Disqualification will result in forfeiture of the registration fee and the Podcast Awards committee may and can invoke multi-year suspensions from future participation.

The Podcast Awards committe also reserves the right to disqualify any show on the grounds of hate speech and or violence. We reserve the right to retroactively remove a nominee or winning show from previous years. While we strongly support freedom of speech we will not tolerate hate speech and or violence against others

Forbidden Activities:

Expressly forbidden are automated program, web assist templates that interact with the Podcast Awards site, web overlays, bookmarklets; and no nomination tool or macro is allowed. The podcast committee reserves the right to revise and amend forbidden activity details at any time throughout the awards process.

Allowed Activity

Podcasters can and should provide instructions in their shows and on their sites instructing their audiences on how to register and nominate their podcast.

Nomination Rules and Eligibility

The Registration Period

The 2021 registration window is Feb 1 to July 31. Note: Be aware that the listener nomination period opens July 1 and your show will not be added or shown on the nomination page until you register.

The Nomination Period

Listeners can register on the Podcast Awards site and then nominate their favorite registered shows through a web-based form between July 1 and July 31. Be aware that once a nomination has been made in a specific category, that category will be closed to the nominator and no changes can be made. Listeners have the full 30 days to nominate a show in each of the categories.

Podcast Awards Slate Determination

The slate of nominated shows to be voted on will be determined by the number of nominations each show receives during the nomination period. The nomination committee -- made up of three Podcast Awards team members -- will review the top 10 nominated shows, validate eligibility and certify the slate to be announced no later than Aug. 8. Each category will have up to 10 eligible shows to be voted on.

Podcast Awards Voting

The Podcast Awards voting team will be made up as follows:

This voter pool of 10,500 podcasters, listeners, journalists, thought leaders and sponsors will independently review and vote to determine a winner in each category. In the event of a voting tie, the show with the most nominations will be awarded the category.

Final voting results will be verified by One Technologies and submitted to the Podcast Committee. In the spirit of the Podcast Awards, vote totals will not be posted, nor will they be revealed. Shows that make the slate are all equally honored.

2021 Podcast Awards Ceremony

The Podcast Awards ceremony will be held in Conjunction with International Podcast Day in and around Sept. 30, during a one-hour segment to be announced. The show will be produced live.

Awards Preparation

All shows that make the final slate are required to submit a 90-second maximum acceptance video on the premise that they have won no later than Sept. 23. The video shall be in mp4 or mov HD format @ 720 or 1080. It will be submitted through an online submission form that we will be made available via email when the final slate is announced.

If the final slate nominee fails to submit their 90-second acceptance speech and is the winner the podcast will forfeit and the award will go to the second place show. Do not let down the listener who nominated you by not submitting your winning video.