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11th Annual Podcast Awards

Nominations Opening in Early 2016

10th Annual Winners and Nominees

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Peoples Choice

A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan [url] [rss]
Barstool Sports Mailtime [url] [rss]
Best of the Left [url] [rss]
ESPN Fantasy Focus Football [url] [rss]
No Agenda Show with Adam Curry & John Dvorak [url] [rss]
No Such Thing As A Fish [url] [rss]
Rob Has A Podcast [url] [rss] [Winner]
Rooster Teeth Podcast RT [url] [rss]
Serial [url] [rss]
The Detroit Cast [url] [rss]


Best Produced

The Joe Rogan Experience [url] [rss]
Radiolab [url] [rss] [Winner]
The Adam Carolla Show [url] [rss]
What Say You? [url] [rss]
The 5 am Miracle [url] [rss]
Priority One Podcast [url] [rss]
Arrow Squad [url] [rss]
Rebel Force Radio [url] [rss]
Animation Addicts Podcast [url] [rss]
Once Podcast [url] [rss]


Best Video Podcast

Rooster Teeth Podcast RT [url] [rss]
Barstool Sports Mailtime [url] [rss]
The Joe Rogan Experience [url] [rss]
Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm [url] [rss]
This Week In Tech [url] [rss]
NASA EDGE [url] [rss]
Grinders Live [url] [rss]
Night Attack [url] [rss] [Winner]
Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig [url] [rss]
Norm MacDonald Live [url] [rss]



Marketplace [url] [rss]
Read To Lead [url] [rss]
Freakonomics [url] [rss] [Winner]
Planet Money [url] [rss]
StartUp [url] [rss]
Beyond The To-Do List [url] [rss]
Smart Passive Income [url] [rss]
The Dave Ramsey Show [url] [rss]
The Side Hustle Show [url] [rss]
The Disciplined Investor [url] [rss]



Barstool Sports Mailtime [url] [rss]
The Adam Carolla Show [url] [rss]
A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan [url] [rss]
What Say You? [url] [rss]
My Brother My Brother and Me [url] [rss]
Comedy Bang Bang: the Podcast [url] [rss]
The Detroit Cast [url] [rss]
No Such Thing as a Fish [url] [rss]
The Morning Stream [url] [rss] [Winner]
WTF with Marc Maron [url] [rss]


Cultural / Arts

Juan Epstein [url] [rss]
Anime Addicts Anomymous Podcast [url] [rss]
OperaNow! [url] [rss]
Eddie Trunk Podcast [url] [rss]
Cemetary Confessions [url] [rss]
Pop Culture Happy Hour [url] [rss]
This American Life [url] [rss] [Winner]
99% Invisible [url] [rss]
Flowing into Awareness [url] [rss]
Bullseye Podcast [url] [rss]



The History Chicks [url] [rss]
Grammar Girl [url] [rss]
The Podcast History of Our World [url] [rss]
CarCast [url] [rss]
Hard Core History [url] [rss] [Winner]
Stuff You Should Know [url] [rss]
Paleocast [url] [rss]
Smart People Podcast [url] [rss]
Stuff You Missed in History Class [url] [rss]
History of the Christian Church [url] [rss]



Rob Has A Podcast [url] [rss] [Winner]
Brandi Glanville Unfiltered [url] [rss]
The Talking Dead [url] [rss]
Star Wars in Character [url] [rss]
The One Piece Podcast [url] [rss]
What Say You? [url] [rss]
The Walker Stalkers Podcast [url] [rss]
Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast [url] [rss]
The Walking Dead Cast [url] [rss]
The Blacklist Exposed [url] [rss]


Food and Drink

The Beerists Podcast [url] [rss]
The Alton Browncast [url] [rss] [Winner]
The Sporkful [url] [rss]
ABV Chicago [url] [rss]
The Splendid Table [url] [rss]
Spilked Milk [url] [rss]
Dinner Party Download [url] [rss]
Totally Beverages & Sometimes Hot Sauce [url] [rss]
Brewtal Battle [url] [rss]
Dining with Doug and Karen [url] [rss]



The Patch [url] [rss]
Rage Select [url] [rss]
Retronauts [url] [rss]
4player Network [url] [rss]
Trinity Force Podcast [url] [rss]
Priority One Podcast [url] [rss]
Super Best Friend Cast [url] [rss]
Giant Bombcast [url] [rss]
The Instance [url] [rss] [Winner]
Gamertag Radio [url] [rss]



Internet Box [url] [rss] [Winner]
Stuff I Learned Yesterday [url] [rss]
DNA Today [url] [rss]
Serial [url] [rss]
The Productive Woman [url] [rss]
Vassals of Kingsgrave [url] [rss]
Success Freaks [url] [rss]
Satellite Sisters [url] [rss]
Hello Internet [url] [rss]
X J Talk Show [url] [rss]


GLBT [Dual Winners]

Psychobabble [url] [rss] [Winner]
Cocktails and Cream Puffs [url] [rss]
Throwing Shade [url] [rss] [Winner]
This Show is So Gay [url] [rss]
The THRST [url] [rss]
Scream Queenz [url] [rss]
Feast of Fun [url] [rss]
Flame On! [url] [rss]
Homoground [url] [rss]
Straight Talk with Ross Mathews [url] [rss]


Health / Fitness

Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine [url] [rss]
Runner Academy [url] [rss]
The Angriest Trainer - - Vinnie Tortorich [url] [rss]
The Dr. Drew Podcast [url] [rss] [Winner]
Marathon Training Academy [url] [rss]
Mental Illness Happy Hour [url] [rss]
Ben Greenfield Fitness [url] [rss]
Magical Medical Tour [url] [rss]
The Primal Blueprint Podcast [url] [rss]
Recovered Podcast [url] [rss]



Loveline [url] [rss]
Sex with Emily [url] [rss]
Savage Lovecast [url] [rss]
SWING with Holli and Michael [url] [rss]
Risk! [url] [rss]
Sick and Wrong [url] [rss]
Jim and Them [url] [rss]
Night Attack [url] [rss] [Winner]
Sex Nerd Sandra [url] [rss]
Sleepy Cast [url] [rss]


Movies / Films

Movie Spoilers Podcast [url] [rss]
Rooster Teeth Screen Play [url] [rss]
The Hollywood Outsider [url] [rss]
Guiltyfilm Podcast [url] [rss]
How Did This Get Made? [url] [rss]
Film Sack [url] [rss] [Winner]
Sci Fi Movie Podcast [url] [rss]
Animation Addicts Podcast [url] [rss]
The Flop House [url] [rss]
http://schmoesknow.com/ [url] [rss]


PodSafe Music

Coverville [url] [rss] [Winner]
Americana Music Show [url] [rss]
Irish & Celtic Music Podcast [url] [rss]
Unsigned EDM Podcast [url] [rss]
Song Exploder [url] [rss]
B2k Radio [url] [rss]
All Songs Considered [url] [rss]
The Bugcast [url] [rss]
The #00 Show / Ryno The Bearded [url] [rss]
Freight Train Boogie [url] [rss]


Politics / News

majority report [url] [rss] [Winner]
no agenda w adam curry [url] [rss]
common sense [url] [rss]
congressional dish [url] [rss]
Bob & Chez Show [url] [rss]
Slate Political Gabfest [url] [rss]
best of the left [url] [rss]
Cognitive Dissonance [url] [rss]
Democracy NOW! [url] [rss]
the Rachel Maddow Show [url] [rss]


Religion Inspiration

The Scathing Atheist [url] [rss] [Winner]
Mormon Fair-Cast [url] [rss]
Infants on Thrones [url] [rss]
Mormon Discussion [url] [rss]
My Book of Mormon [url] [rss]
The Sci Fi Christian [url] [rss]
Are You Just Watching? [url] [rss]
More Than One Lesson [url] [rss]
The Thinking Atheist [url] [rss]
Paula White's Hope for Today [url] [rss]



The Skeptics Guide to the Universe [url] [rss] [Winner]
Star Talk [url] [rss]
RadioLab [url] [rss]
Blurry Photos [url] [rss]
The Reality Check [url] [rss]
EveryDay Einstein [url] [rss]
Science Friday [url] [rss]
The Infinite Monkey Cage [url] [rss]
Caustic Soda [url] [rss]
Quirks & Quarks [url] [rss]



ESPN Fantasy Focus Football [url] [rss] [Winner]
Talk Is Jericho [url] [rss]
Solomonster Sounds Off [url] [rss]
Ivy Envy [url] [rss]
The Steve Austin Show- Unleashed! [url] [rss]
The Steve Dangle Podcast [url] [rss]
The Dan Patrick Show [url] [rss]
Soccer Morning [url] [rss]
Inside the jungle [url] [rss]
Fantasy Baseball from Prospect361.com [url] [rss]



Security Now! [url] [rss]
Today in IOS [url] [rss]
The Audacity to Podcast [url] [rss]
The Waves of Tech [url] [rss]
Reply All [url] [rss]
Maccast [url] [rss]
No Better Than Average [url] [rss]
This is only a Test [url] [rss]
Daily Tech News Show [url] [rss] [Winner]
This Week in Tech [url] [rss]



WDW Radio [url] [rss] [Winner]
Coaster Radio.com [url] [rss]
Wedway Radio [url] [rss]
Mousetalgia [url] [rss]
The Budget Minded Traveler [url] [rss]
The Faroe Islands Podcast [url] [rss]
Amateur Traveler [url] [rss]
Just Japan [url] [rss]
Daily Travel Podcast [url] [rss]
Special Mouse Podcast [url] [rss]


The People's Choice Podcast Awards

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